Field Action Plan to Manage COVID-19 on Sites

  1. Follow Social Distancing. Maintain 6 feet separation.
  2. No more than one person per vehicle.
  3. No large gatherings (more than 5).
  4. Instruct subs to do the same with meetings and the six-foot separation.
  5. If working close to someone is unavoidable – wear a face mask.
  6. Staggered Shifts –Consider options to stagger subs start times to reduce common breaks and use of restrooms.
  7. Get the CDC Posters posted on site. Multiple location as required.
  8. Essential personnel on site only –ensure proper field supervision and management. Project Leaders to determine essential personnel.
  9. Make sure you have a visitor log that tracks all personnel –inspectors, BA’s, architects, engineers.
  10. If you have a sick employee / worker –instruct them to go home and stay home until they are symptom free.
  11. If you have an employee / worker that calls in sick see Pacifica Policy for containment.
  12. If you get knowledge of a positive confirmation of someone with COVID-19 on your project site. Contact Ian and baxter - a phone meeting will get set-up to manage the next steps.
  13. Maintain a clean site. Document your efforts. If you need supplies work through Melisa.
  14. Clean all shared surfaces and shared tools every 2 hours. Clean inside vehicles (2) times per day. Before leaving site at end of day clean all railings, handles or places clients may touch. Store and cover tools.
  15. Understand your schedule. Track daily. Monitor workforce and progress. Document all delays and take daily photos.

You can download and print this Action Plan.

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