Outdoor kitchens are versatile spaces. They can expand your living space, offer new cooking options and offer a focal place for your yard.

We’ve built outdoor kitchens that incorporate pizza ovens, gas-fired barbecues and their own refrigerators.

And despite the Seattle-area’s climate, covered outdoor kitchens offer a way to make your yard usable all year.


Bluestone Fireplace

This space is centered around a large fireplace lined with bluestone for a natural look. The stonework matches the retaining wall and the rest of the yard. Stone slabs cap the fireplace and offers seating areas. A barbecue is available for use for cooking or in seasons when the fireplace is unavailable. Cedar decking offers a clean finish for the area.

Bluestone Fireplace 1

Pizza Kitchen

This colorful pizza oven fills out this corner of the patio. Ask about custom designs for a pizza oven for your yard. Planter boxes offer herbs that can be used to spice up cooking or flavor a pizza.


Fire feature PizzaOven pic

Covered Outdoor Kitchen

This kitchen in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood is open for year-round use with a modern-looking cover that matches the rest of the kitchen. A covered space like this is a great way to expand the usable space of your home and yard. This one is wired with electricity to also power lighting, a fan, and whatever else you need to plug in.

A nearby fire pit offers easy back-and-forth for fair-weather entertaining, say dinner with s’mores for dessert!


Outdoor Kitchen Patio

This backyard project features a patio and outdoor kitchen mere steps from the rear door of the house. As the space flows outdoor the outdoor kitchen doubles as a wall enclosing the rear patio nestled into the yard.

It features space for multiple uses, including a bench for guests to sit on while you grill. A refrigerator offers a place to store ingredients while cooking, a wood-fired pizza oven offers the potential for your own fire-roasted pies and under counter storage allows you to keep your dishes out of the way.

Natural stone steps connect the patio to rest of the yard. Plantings will grow in to shelter the area from the rest of the yard.


Outdoor kitchen east view