Custom Landscape Design and Build

Custom landscape design and build is at the core of what we do at Pacifica Landscapes. We’re passionate about designing landscapes that bring your yard, lifestyle and surroundings into harmony. And because we handle the whole process – from design to construction – we can take you from vision to reality.

We know that each yard, and client, is unique. That’s why our process begins with a free consultation where we visit your yard and discuss the specifics of what you’re looking for. Whether it’s overhauling your entire yard for a modern, eco-friendly look, or just expanding your outdoor entertaining space for year-round use, we’re happy to help.

Our designers then prepare a design based on your needs, and budget.

As a local Seattle-area business since we began more than a decade ago, our designers are able to base your design on their own measurements and visit to your yard, not satellite images or iPhone photos. And because they’re locally based, they’re able to design a landscape that’s in harmony with our natural environment and uses native plants – not one meant for California or the East Coast. They then work with you to refine the design to exactly what you’re looking for. The result is design that is both one-of-a-kind and uniquely tailored to your home.

Once the design is perfect, our skilled crews are able to work closely with our designers to execute that vision and transform your space into the best version of itself. By keeping it in-house we ensure there’s smooth communication between the people installing your design and the people who created it. We also keep in contact with you through the process as we turn your dreams into reality.


At the end of the day, a design is only as good as the installation.

Finding contractors you trust to work on your home can be a stressful experience. Our friendly landscapers are experienced at installing our designs and making them look great. They know the local suppliers to get quality materials and have expertise ranging from carpentry to stonework. Take a look at some of our past work and give us a call at 206-551-9872 for a free consultation.


Green Lake Rear Yard Design

For this project in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood, our clients wanted to transform their large rear yard area into a modern multi-use space that matched their home.

Our design turned what was an empty grass expanse into several areas: a firepit and covered outdoor dining space for entertaining, a grass and cedar chip area with play structures for the kids, a gardening corner with wooden planters for growing vegetables. Throughout we used sustainable plantings and wooden screens to divide the space and turn awkward elements like ventilation units into lush corners of the yard. Smooth concrete, neat pavers, and wood and metal touches provide a modern aesthetic.

Custom Landscape Design and Build 4

Front Yard Space in Magnolia

When Elli, one of our Magnolia clients, came to us about creating a space in her front yard she could enjoy with her family and neighbors, we knew just what to do.

One of our designers worked with Elli to plan a full renovation of the front yard of her home near Elliot Bay. As well as new planting and lighting, we added a flagstone patio with a firepit for everyone to gather around on those cool Seattle nights. The final piece of the puzzle was custom-built mahogany benches that curved around the fireplace and created a natural gathering place for family and friends.

Elli loved the simple yet elegant design of the benches — and more importantly, so did her kids.

“Designing this project was really fun,” said our designer. “I enjoy creating spaces that help bring the family together and enjoy the outdoors.”

The design process took less than two weeks to complete, and we were able to incorporate some complexity into the space, while still keeping it simple enough to stay within the bounds of the site and the midcentury design of the house.

Magnolia front-yard landscape - 02

Ship Canal Boat Delivery

We're adaptable, and dedicated to matching our skills and services with your specific needs. When a waterfront property in Seattle had limited access for deliveries, our owner, Baxter, tapped his decades of experience coordinating jobs in the area to come up with a solution. Instead of compromising on materials, we arranged for natural flagstone to be delivered by barge across the ship canal.

No matter the location of your property or the challenges present, we're committed to working with you to create the design of your dreams. And we have the experience and flexibility to make it a reality.

Israel Barge

Call today for a free consultation. We’d love to meet with you at your home and discuss the ways in which Pacifica Landscapes can "bring you home."