Sustainable Landscape Design and Build

Here at Pacifica Landscapes we’re all about sustainability. It’s one of our core values. As well as the environmental benefits, sustainable design also translates to less work for you and a less expensive garden to maintain.

Fortunately, our custom design practices lend themselves to sustainable design. By designing landscapes that are custom-tailored to your surroundings and our region we avoid much of the waste that comes from using plants not suited to our climate: whether from having to replace them annually or from having to water them excessively.

And as a business local to the Greater Seattle Area, our designers have more than two decades of experience working with native local plants and landscapes to design low-water, low-maintenance gardens.

Our commitment to sustainability includes everything from our recycling program for materials we remove during construction, to the the processes we use and practices we encourage for the ongoing maintenance of our projects.

From electric tools to natural compost for mulch, we endeavor to limit our carbon emissions and enhance the natural processes on our sites.

At the end of the day, we want to design timeless, modern or traditional landscapes that will last. Sustainability is a key part of that. See more of our work below and give us a call at 206-551-9872 for a free consultation.



Drought Resistant Planting

While the Pacific Northwest has a reputation for being perpetually rainy, as a local company we know that really the weather is variable based on the season. Plantings need to be able to handle our wet winters and our dry summers.

Whether too much or not enough, water is always a key consideration. While shady or wet corners of the yard can pose challenges, we know that the right plants can thrive in any conditions – if you don’t want to transform the trouble area with a simple patio or play area, that is.

When watering is important, we can install drip irrigation that uses limited water to efficiently sustain plants, making them more resilient to droughts and other dry spells.

This West Seattle project uses low-water plantings that can survive year-round while still providing a lush, green garden to enjoy. Plants are drought resistant and can survive the summers without excessive watering.



AquaPave Driveway

The proliferation of impermeable surfaces in human-built environments is a growing issue that affects local waterways and plants.

For this Bellevue project we used AquaPave pavers to create a permeable driveway. This means water seeps through the driveway instead of running off.

In doing so, the AquaPave system helps filter out oil and other toxins that accumulate in parking areas and prevents them from flowing directly into local water systems. It also helps ensure adequate drainage and prevent water from pooling or washing away dirt during heavy rains.

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