Sammamish Landscape Design and Build

The scenic Sammamish Plateau is an area where Pacifica Landscapes has plenty of experience. No matter the size of your lot, we can put together a custom landscape design to make the most of it.

In particular, we know how to manage and make the most of sloped lots. Whether it involves replacing retaining walls, building terraced patios or installing plantings to prevent erosion, we can help you make the most out of your yard – and handle the permitting too.

Sloped or otherwise, our designers will work with you to figure out the best use of your yard and our experienced crew stands ready to install it. Take a look at some of our past work in Sammamish below and give us a call at 206-551-9872 for a free consultation.


Sammamish _6424

Circular Patio

This job featured a merger of classic elements. A circular flagstone patio wrapped in a classic paver layout. It looks seamless but required expert precision from our crew to custom cut the square pavers so they meshed smoothly with the curve. The result is a beautiful, distinct area that draws the eye and is perfect for a table or firepit. This accent comes without sacrificing the utility of the patio. It simply acts as a highlight of the large multi-use area has greatly expanded the livable space in the yard. Smart plantings serve to further accent this area and will offer a lush surrounding to the patio as they grow in.



Sammamish 1


An additional gravel patio in the side yard echoes the circular motif and provides another space to relax. Set stones act as a natural retaining wall for the slope and a pieces of natural flagstone welcomes you to the space.

While the natural slope of the property remains, it's now improved and interspersed with a human-friendly area. This is the perfect enclave to move to as the sun reaches a new angle.

2016-06-22 10.41.30


Overall, this design features a pleasing contrast of curves and straight edges. The circular flagstone area evokes the curve of the lawn and planting beds, while the straight edges of the patio are echoed in the paver steppers that run through it. These elements converge and contrast within the patio, offering a focal point for the yard – and for your guests.

2016-06-01 11.12.12

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