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It’s a common scenario: you purchase your dream home, but the landscaping just isn’t doing it justice. That’s where we come in.

We work with innovative materials and technology, combined with traditional craftsmanship to create modern spaces that are lush and vibrant. Our designers want to ensure your yard is beautiful and functional.

Outdated or non-functional landscapes have got to go. It’s not uncommon for builders to install a “placeholder” landscape when building homes. Working with our designers you can redevelop the space to one that actually makes the most of your yard and allows for multiple uses.

We work at the intersection of modern and traditional landscape design, bringing the best of both worlds together for your yard. Give us a call at 206-551-9872 for a free consultation.



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Seattle Yard Transformation

This Seattle homeowner came to us with a yard that had a number of issues. The design was dated and only allowed limited use of the front yard. The driveway and front path were worn and difficult to access.

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To begin, we re-graded the entire front yard to offer a smooth slope away from the house. Bushes that blocked light from the front window were removed and replaced with screening trees throughout the yard. A cracked concrete walkway was replaced with modular pavers, and a new driveway and retaining wall contain a secondary access to the front door.

Modern Landscape Design 2

The walkway widens in places to allow more livable space in the front of the yard and sandstone pavers compliment the house. As the plantings grow in they will offer lush ground cover and screening without closing out light from the front of the house. The result is a space that is modern and functional, and as one passes through the grove of trees, the openness at the house heightens the sense of arrival.

Paver Patio with Steppers

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