The Pacifica Story

Pacifica Landscapes was founded by David Baxter (Baxter) a fifth generation New Zealander from Christchurch on New Zealand’s South Island. The son of a landscape architect and grandson of a pioneering native plant collector and nurseryman, Baxter grew up talking and thinking about the landscape; natural and constructed. He has spent his career designing and building landscapes and gardens on the shores of the Pacific; in the Pacific Northwest, Australia and New Zealand. Working on design and construction projects ranging from residential landscapes to large parks and commercial developments and with a Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture he has developed a belief that everyone’s life can and should be enriched by the quality of the environment that surrounds them.

David Baxter - Pacifica Landscapes

Koru is the Maori name for the symbolically unfurling fern frond. In its abstracted spiral it represents the cycle of life; from the hope of new beginnings, through growth to maturity, and on to the inevitable decay that completes the cycle and allows life to begin once again.

For Pacifica Landscapes the Koru represents the birth of new ideas in both design and in practice. It represents our commitment to ecological responsibility and our desire to blend innovation and tradition in our work.

We have a proven track record of bringing to completion projects that exceed our clients expectations, through a process marked by high standards of collaboration, creativity and communication. Our goal is to create richly textured, ecologically sensitive outdoor spaces which enrich our client’s lives.

We would love to work with you to enhance your environment and realize your dreams for your outdoor spaces. Please contact us now for a free landscape consultation.


"...everyone’s life can and should be enhanced by the quality of the environment that surrounds them"


The Crew

Having contractors in one’s home can be a stressful experience. Here at Pacifica we are grateful for the opportunity to come to your home to demonstrate our craft and expertise. We always endeavor to treat it with the utmost respect. Please take a moment to learn more about the leaders of our crews, they are the face of Pacifica.

Pacifica Crew - Ian


With over 15 years of experience in both the Northeast and the PNW, Ian brings a broad knowledge of horticulture and hardscaping to his role as Project Manager.



When it comes to masonry, tile work, cement work, and plastering, Agustin’s years of experience are readily apparent. His attention to detail and enjoyment of his work guarantee our clients wonderful results.



In charge of logistics and trucking, Daniel keeps our crews supplied with everything they need so they can concentrate on building great projects for our clients.



Carmelo's projects come together quickly. Whether installing stonework, pavers or softscapes he is a skilled artisan combining craft and care to create wonderful landscapes for our clients.



Detail oriented and very organized, Daniel ensures the projects he is involved with run smoothly. He is usually helping Reginel, ensuring our carpentry projects look great.

Pacifica Crew - Finn


A 4th generation landscaper, Finn is experienced with concrete and landscape projects and is a highly valued team member.


Jorge S.

Jorge brings years of experience and attention to detail to his projects. His knowledge of hardscapes and masonry, and his focus on finish, results in happy homeowners and beautiful projects.



Oscar has many years of experience in construction and landscaping.  He will often be found working on hardscapes and masonry projects with Agustin.



An all-round landscaper, Oscar is equally at home installing pavers or plants, all with care and concern for a good job.



Reginel is a highly experienced carpenter and enjoys ensuring our carpentry projects look great and are finished on time.



With years of experience in landscaping and a love of craftsmanship, Ramon works hard to ensure our clients will be wowed by their projects. He is especially knowledgeable about irrigation.

Pacifica Crew - Samuel


Experienced in concrete construction and masonry, Samuel’s skillset enhances Pacifica’s ability to create superb masonry and hardscapes.

The Office

Although the crew is the face of Pacifica, the other half of the organization is the office. Both the design office and administration are located by Lake Union in Seattle where we feel at the center of the city and yet still in touch with the unique landscapes in which Seattle sits.



Allison is the voice of Pacifica Landscapes, the first person spoken to by clients. A west coast native with years of experience in customer service and executive support, she is now keeping us organized and on track.

Pacifica Crew - Vic - 2021


A native of Eastern Washington Vic came to the rainy side after graduating from the WSU Landscape Architecture Program. After gaining much experience in large scale community and commercial projects he joined Pacifica, eager to develop his design build skills at a residential scale. Vic has a keen ability to create results that appeal to the senses and his attention to detail, especially of color and texture ensure projects that his clients love.