Kirkland Landscape Design and Build

With its prime location on the eastern shore of Lake Washington, many of Kirkland's residential areas feature waterfront properties with views of the lake, lush green lawns, colorful flowers, and carefully manicured gardens.

No matter the size or location of your home, we offer full custom design and build services to the Kirkland area. From first consultation to when our crews break ground, we have the experience to deliver the yard of your dreams.

Our focus is on building landscapes that are elegant and sustainable, while making sure you get everything you need from your space. Working with our designers, we develop a vision that’s uniquely yours.

Whether you need an outdoor kitchen, a water feature, a retaining wall or something else, we can make it happen.

Take a look at some of our past work and give us a call at 206-551-9872 for a free consultation.


Jaunita Stairs and Paths

This couple loved their rustic Pacific Northwest home overlooking Champagne Point, but weren't so happy with the rustic landscaping.

New gravel and paver pathways make it easy to access the home office at the bottom of the yard and eco-friendly paver strips add parking to the bottom of the lot, while limiting problematic run off into the adjacent lake.


Before Pacifica

The dirt path down to the home office was far from ideal. When it rained, muddy slopes throughout the yard posed a hazard and messy vegetation made it difficult to navigate.


Photo Oct 13 2022, 3 04 22 PM

After Pacifica

Terraced gravel and wood stairs are a perfect low-maintenance option for the rainy Pacific Northwest. They aren't as slick as stone steps and blend in with the environment. Importantly, the structure of the stairs also serves to retain the soil in the planting beds and add level spaces to the yard.

The stairs tie in with paths to both the deck and the front of the house, making it easy to access both.


Lower Patio

A block retaining wall and pavers transformed this overgrown lower area into a cozy living area next to the sports court. The perfect place to relax after a game of pickleball (invented on Bainbridge Island) or gather around the firepit on a warm summer night.

Japanese maples in planters will offer increased shade as they grow in and a cedar fence prevents the adjacent hedge from infringing on the area.


Driveway Stairs

New cedar stairs bring together the driveway and the pathway running around the house. This new connection makes it possible to access the house and rear yard more easily.

And lighting on the stairs means they'll be easy to navigate after dark.

As the plants grow in, they'll fill in the bed and offer a lush surrounding at the side of the stairs.


Shaded Paths

These gravel paths cut through the greenery of the yard, providing easy ways to cross the slope. Existing vegetation has been trimmed back to provide a lush surrounding that doesn't obstruct the path.

Gravel is a great low-maintenance choice for this kind of setting that still feels somewhat natural — like a hiking trail in your yard.


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