Products We Use

Many of the soils we encounter in our projects are depleted and lacking in organic matter. To remedy this we practice no till horticulture and we layer on mulch!

‘No till’ means we seldom rototill planting beds. This preserves the existing soil structure, protecting microorganisms and worms. It also limits leaching by slowing the infiltration of rain water which can carry away the micro nutrients essential to plant growth and health.

After planting we lay down fertilizer and biochar and then cover the beds with 3-4” of mulch. This protects the soils from drying by the wind, lessens the impact of rain and keeps the soils cool thereby minimizing water loss and slowing weed germination. Worms turn in the mulch so every year or two it needs to be topdressed with another 1” layer.

Below are links to further information on the products we use and the processes we prefer.