Pacifica Before and After
We pride ourselves on our creativity and flexibility when it comes to transforming a yard. Whether it means dividing an empty lawn into multiple usable spaces, or filling in an old garage to create more livable space - we have the expertise to make it happen.

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Greenlake Overhaul

Our clients for this Seattle job came to us looking for a fresh landscape that matched their modern home. We maintained the open space they loved while increasing its functionality with a fire, outdoor kitchen, play area and more.

Custom Landscape Design and Build 1 - cropped

Front Yard Remodel

For this job, we re-did the front yard to provide an elegant entryway that allowed greater access to the re-poured driveway and the street. Plantings will offer screening as they grow in, without blocking light to the windows. Paver areas add livable space to the yard as well as a more direct approach to the front door.

2016-06-30 11.48.16
Paver Patio with Steppers

View Ridge Revamp and Play House

This was another job where our clients had a new home but a placeholder landscape. Their backyard set in to the side of steep hill overlooking Lake Washington presented its own challenges, in particular a two-level retaining wall at the back of the yard. Black wooden screening and lush plantings smoothed out the walls and a play house for the clients' kids built into the walls turned what had been a liability in to an asset.

2020-09-11 15.02.33

Backyard Patio

This project created space for a hot tub under a wood trellis and a sweeping patio area with clean concrete retaining walls. Turf below is pet friendly and wood step tops match the existing deck.

Gardner before
Gardner after

Kirkland Stairs

This dirt path down to a home office was far from ideal. When it rained, muddy slopes throughout the yard posed a hazard and messy vegetation made it difficult to navigate.

Terraced gravel and wood stairs are a perfect low-maintenance option for the rainy Pacific Northwest. They aren't as slick as stone steps and blend in with the environment.

Photo Oct 13 2022, 3 04 22 PM

Fountain Fill In

The clients at this job wanted to get rid of an old, unused water feature. Filling it in with dirt and stone turned this mosquito breeding ground into a lush, green area outside their window.

McNiel fountain before fill in
McNiel AFter 2

Garage Removal



At this job in Queen Anne our clients put significant time and effort into revamping their home. As part of that work, they removed an old garage that faced onto a busy road.

Not only did we transform the landscaping in their backyard, we were actually able to expand it by adding a retaining wall along the back of the property and filling in the former garage pad. The engineer-approved result sealed off the yard from traffic and created a cozy space for the clients and their kids.


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