If you want to walk straight out your door in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee, a deck can be the way to go. It’s a great way to allow your home space to flow outdoors and to expand the livable area of both your yard and house.

Whether light cedar or dark hardwoods, our designers can devise a deck that will elevate your yard, and our skilled carpenters will make sure it fits together smoothly and looks great.  

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Issaquah Cedar Deck

This modular deck that wraps around the existing tree and offers a multi-leveled space. Benches around the edge enhance the flow of the area, while also increasing the usability of the deck. A bench placed in front of the tree turns it from an obstacle to an asset. The lower deck space offers easy entrance to the hot tub with another bench for setting towels down on and cooling off on after a dip.

This combination of landscaped areas and wooden structures creates an expanded living area for all seasons and supports a fusion of uses by kids and adults. It’s a landscape that the whole family can enjoy.


Seattle Deck

This deck uses composite decking to provide a durable, affordable outdoor space that connects the rear entrance to the house with the shed and a seating area. The spaces flows smoothly and a bench along the edge provides additional seating to enjoy the space. Plants around the edge will provide a lush setting for this urban oasis and the flat open area is perfect for entertaining or grilling. It’s a great example of how to make the most of a limited space.

An alternative to wood decking, composite material are made of different types of plastic, often with a hard PVC surface.  Most contain some degree of recycled plastic and wood fibers (sawdust). This is a good option if you are looking to use recycled and eco-friendly products. These are extremely low-maintenance materials. There is no sanding or staining required and they are easily cleaned with water and soap.

For more information about types of decking, see our blog post.


Deck and Patio

A deck is great if you want to outdoor space that flows easily from your home. A patio is great if you want space where you can step down into your yard. In this Seattle yard, the two combine to provide a mixed-use space. The covered deck is great for rainy days, while the patio allows for hammocking and other pursuits in drier times. The deck also offers storage underneath it while you wait for those dry days to come.

Cedar chip and grass areas of the yard make this a perfect space for kids or pets to enjoy as well, while parents can watch on from the deck or patio while enjoying a cold beverage.

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Family Deck

This cedar deck provides a perfect mixed-use space for the whole family. It connects to sliding doors from the house, expanding the living space outward on nice days. Stairs with built-in lighting offer an easy flow between the deck and yard.

Cedar makes for a beautiful natural-looking deck. In the PNW we can use our native cedar.  It is warm to the touch, and natural oils in the wood resist warping and cracking under weather damage. The natural look of cedar complements the landscape and if left untreated will fade to a soft silver-grey. The lifespan of this type of deck is easily 20 years.  Alternatively, sustainably grown tropical hardwoods can be used.  They are more expensive than cedar, but some are so dense that they can last forever.

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Multi-Color Deck

For a fun, decorative look, this deck combined light cedar with darker hardwoods. It’s possible to add patterns like this to your deck, just ask about what you’re looking for. The modern look of this deck is enhanced by a PISA block retaining wall and a COR-TEN steel planter.

Where there was only one, sloped, space before, now there are two distinct areas: an upper planting area and a lower living area. Wide steps allow a smooth transition between the two.

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Deck With Trellis and Water Feature

This composite deck has a special cut out for a custom water feature, which is spotlighted by landscape lighting. A trellis and screening bamboo around the edges of the deck make this an urban oasis.

This design shows how a deck area can make the most of a side yard and turn it in to an elegant space for entertaining or relaxing. Decks elevate, both literally and figuratively!

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