Redmond Landscape Design and Build

Redmond. At one point the fastest growing city in the state. As homes were built in to the forest, unique landscaping challenges naturally arose.

Whether you’re looking to modernize your landscaping with a design custom-tailored to your home that’ll stand out in the neighborhood, or make the most of a shady yard tucked under the trees, we have the experience to help.

Our designers know plants and they know how to pick the ones that best fit your yard. No matter how dark or damp it may be, with the right plants it can be a lush playground for pets and (friendly) wildlife. And if you want to take advantage of the extra space living outside of the city, we can build patios, play areas and other structures designed for year-round use.

At the end of the day, our process is about collaboration. Our designers will work with you to develop a plan that fits your property and lifestyle.

Take a look at some of our past work below and give us a call for a free consultation at 206-551-9872.


Byrne-Round A9

Septic Tank to Garden Patio

Believe it or not, this picturesque garden enclosure used to be a bare bark area over a septic tank. The tank is still there, but our team was able to transform the area into a lush and usable in space. In doing so, they had to design around the existing piping, placing elements between them. This successful result combines functionality with beauty.

The patio area features natural stone pieces set in a circular pattern as resilient plantings offer lush surroundings. It’s perfect for quiet contemplation or having guests for tea in the garden. Adjoining lawn opens the space up for mixed uses as kids play nearby and parents relax. As an added benefit, this low maintenance design offers green elements year-round without constant work.



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