Investing in a good fence is investing in peace of mind. Keeping prying eyes out and kids and pets in means less to worry about when you’re enjoying your yard. And so does not having to worry about it falling down in the next wind storm.

A good fence is more than just practical, however. It serves as a design element that can elevate your yard. It may be the first thing that people see when they walk past your home or the backdrop to whatever space you are seeking to create.

Our designers and carpenters are experienced at creating a variety of well-built fences that will suit your needs and space. Take a look at some of our past work and give us a call at 206-551-9872 for a free consultation.

Back Yard Fence

This is a classic example of a straightforward fence. Vertical boards offer clean lines behind the planting bed and it provides a fresh look to the garden. Seattle regulations limit fence heights, but this slatted top with partial visibility allows for increased height and screening.




Trellis Gate

This horizontal fence compliments the clean, modern design of the yard and also shows how a good fence can serve as the perfect entry point for your yard. The trellis over the gate creates a vertical extension of the fence and as greenery grows through it may even offer a flowering splash of color at the entrance to the yard.



Trellis Gate


Fence and Bench

This combo shows how a fence can create an enclave in any space. The fence creates a cozy corner by screening out the road and neighbors but staying open to the rest of the yard. Vertical slats suit the elegant look of the patio, while still letting light enter the yard. And it offers something to lean against as you sit on the bench!



Fence and Bench


Diagonal Fence

This client wanted a fence to frame the edge of the yard while still allowing visibility. This twist on a classic gapped fence features crossbars turned at a 45-degree angle. The bushes behind the fence will offer screening as they grow in, while the fence provides structure to the space.




Screens With Planters

This deck shows another option for offering privacy: screens. These custom dark wood screens match the deck and bench they frame. Planter boxes on top with trailing plants will offer a green overhang to the benches, furthering the screening effect.



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