Native Planting 1

Pacific Northwest native planting

At Pacifica Landscapes we value our location in the Pacific Northwest. Unlike some large companies, we’ve been working exclusively in the Greater Seattle Area for more than a decade. And we value our connection to the mountains and waters that make the Pacific Northwest such a unique and amazing place to live.

We seek to honor that connection through our designs and our work. Whether that’s using sustainable gardening practices or taking advantage of the natural environment your yard is situated amongst, we try to bring harmony between the natural world and your needs for your yard.


The most straightforward way to do this is by using plants native to our region. Not only does this avoid invasive species that can be a pain to manage and damage local ecosystems, but it also offers benefits in terms of reduced water usage and maintenance.

By using plants that are actually suited to our local environment you don’t need to worry as much about replacing plants perennially, and areas of the yard that were too shady or wet before can flourish with the right plants


Our designers have years of local experience that they can tap to create a native landscape custom tailored to your yard. And our crews are experienced at installing native plants using sustainable landscaping methods.

Pacifica Landscapes - a leading landscape architecture design and installation firm located in Seattle - showcases some of their recent signature projects in the Wallingford, U-District and Ravenna neighborhoods of Seattle. Seattle Architectural Photography ©2017 Ari Shapiro -

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