Bellevue Landscape Design and Build

From West Bellevue to West Lake Sammamish, we have a history of delivering quality custom landscape design and build services in the greater Bellevue area.

Our designers will work with you to develop a modern design tailored to your space and needs that’s uniquely yours. And once it’s perfect, our experienced crews are ready to install it – whether at a cozy townhome, an expansive lakefront villa, or something in between.

Our past work in Bellevue has included natural stone patios, sweeping eco-friendly paver driveways, and backyard entertaining spaces.

Our approach incorporates plants native to the Pacific Northwest for a sustainable, low-maintenance yard that won’t waste water and will blend nicely with the surrounding environment.

Check out some of our work in Bellevue below and give us a call at 206-551-9872 for a free consultation.


Permeable Paver Entry Drive

For this job in suburban Bellevue, we took advantage of the client’s large front yard to construct a looping driveway that brings guests in under the trees, while still allowing rays of light to permeate. Cedar chip paths and cedar benches with gabion baskets bring livability to the space, as a COR-TEN steel number plate with stone backing continues the fusion of modern and natural.

In the rainy Pacific Northwest drainage is always important. Impermeable surfaces like parking lots cause polluted runoff to contaminate local waterways. This interlocking paver driveway uses AquaPave technology which allows rainwater to seep through it into the ground instead of rushing off into storm drains or damaging nearby waterways. In doing so, it also filters out oil and other toxins that accumulate on driveways. And, as an added benefit, it provides a clean-looking architectural element that matches this home’s modern aesthetic.

Backyard Entertaining Area

Paver steppers offer a winding path to this patio tucked in a Bellevue yard. A functional retaining wall with embedded lights wraps the space, while also offering additional seating.

The patio is large enough to offer entertaining space for outdoor dinners over the summer, but cozy enough to enjoy a glass of wine with your partner. As plantings grow in they will provide a lush surrounding, with custom lighting emphasizing notable trees.

Planting example 3

Cozy Patio

This patio tucked against the house boasts an interesting diagonal pattern made from a mix of paver sizes. This matches the stone walkway leading to it and offers detail to a small but elegant space. Colorful flowers and light stone brighten the space, making it an easy extension of the indoor living space for drinking a cup of coffee or reading a book.





Corner Enclave

This rear yard is all about transitions and mixed functionality. By extending the patio over the slope it turns this corner of the yard into a quiet space for contemplation or reading. And yet it can also host people for entertaining.

Rocks offer natural seating even as they overlap and smooth the sharp edges of the built patio, lush grass surrounds pavers that function either as natural steppers or spots to perch around the firepit, and the plantings will eventually screen the surrounding fences as they wrap the patio in greenery.

A portable firepit extends the usable season for the patio as you can use it to stay warm as the nights get chillier and then move it out of the way to open up the patio for other uses. This space functions as both a place to soak up some rare winter sun or gather on warm summer nights.

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