New Work Wednesday

A paver patio in progress.  Our craftsmen treat every job as if it is their own.

Family Night at Swanson’s Nursery

What better way to spend a summer evening with family than Family Night at Swanson’s Nursery, next Thursday, August 17. Live music, food, and kid’s activities.  There will also be a prize drawing to benefit Whole Kids Foundation, providing school garden grants and nutrition education for schools.

New Work Wednesdays

A simple white and green palette against a hardwood screen works with the tile for a sophisticated urban courtyard


Pick of the week: Perennial Garden

This perennial garden has been in several years and the grasses and sedums blend seamlessly with the woodland setting.


New Work: Textures

We love textures- here the roughness of cedar against smooth Mexican beach pebbles and sand blasted concrete.


Pick of the week: Lenten Rose

Helleborus orientalis as known as a “Lenten rose” is a late-winter blooming perennial that grows large, cup-shaped, rose like flowers. The flowers usually form 1-4 clusters on thick stems and can grow to be 1.5’ tall and have an 8-10 week long bloom period. Plant the Lenten rose near the patio or walkway or plant…


Pick of the week: New Zealand Flax

Phormium tenax also known as a ‘New Zealand flax’ is an evergreen that is grown for its attractive foliage. The flax grows sword-shaped, linear bright green leaves with red-orange stripes that can grow to be 3-9 feet long. Use as a focal point for the border or at lawn’s edge where the soil is moist…


New Work: Firepit

The firepit is covered by come night fall this yard comes alive- a seat wall for sitting with a glass of wine, the firepit (pumped for gas) light up and the patio flows off of the back deck.


New Work: Bocce Court

Even a side yard can be fun- bocce anyone? With real oyster shell surfacing.


Heavenly Bamboo

Nandina domestica also known as “heavenly bamboo” is an evergreen and is easy to grow and likes full to partial shade. It looks best when grown in groups. Heavenly bamboo is mainly grown for its interesting foliage and fruit displays, it can grow up to 8 feet tall by 4 feet wide. The heavenly bamboo…


Pick of the week: Garlic

Garlic is easy to grow and produces numerous bulbs after a long growing season and is frost tolerant. Plant garlic about 2 months before the first hard frost. To grow garlic, plant individual cloves about 1-2 inches beneath the soil about 4-6 inches apart. Make sure not to use garlic cloves from the store as…


Pick of the week: Mums

Chrysanthemum (Dendranthema x grandiflorum) are also known as “mums” for short. The flower heads are composed of a cluster of many flower heads. This our favorite color! Mums can be grown in any kind of soil but prefer full sun; are easy to grow and have a long flowering period. They have nine categories based…