Deck or Patio: What are the Pros and Cons?


Summer barbecues, winter fires, a place to drink your coffee in the morning: a nice deck or patio can take your yard to the next level. It can expand your living space and transform your yard from something you look at to something you live in.

Interested in expanding your usable outdoor areas for entertaining, but unsure what the right choice is for your yard? The main two options are patios and decks. Here are the pros and cons of each


Generally, patios are cheaper to install and maintain. This varies based on the material, but you can choose between gravel, stone or pre-cast concrete pavers.

Decks on the other hand are generally more expensive. Materials for decks include deck wood, hardwood, cedar decking or synthetic materials.


Decks are often at the same level as the floor of the house, allowing your space to flow outdoors and you with it. It’s a nice option if you want to walk out to enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning – without putting shoes on!

Patios are generally at ground level, meaning you step down into them. This affords more privacy, makes your yard feel bigger – and kids won’t fall off of them.


Unless they’re made from synthetic materials, wooden decks need to be stained and pressure washed.

Patios require sand swept into their joints occasionally, but are longer lasting and are easier to repair if something goes wrong.

Other Considerations

It’s important to make sure patios slope away from your home. While it is possible to make a permeable paver patio, in general they are an impervious surface and water will run off them into your house if not designed and installed correctly.

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