Corten Steel Planters

What are Corten Steel Planters?

CORE-TEN is a trademarked name now used to refer to a variety of weathering steels. But why would you want a planter that weathers? 

The advantage of Corten steel is that after the outside rusts it forms a seal that protects the rest of the metal – sort of like searing a steak. After reaching that equilibrium, Corten steel products last longer in the elements than other metals.

The weathering also produces a unique look that provides a modern touch to any space. Weathered Corten steel has been the favorite of many architects and artists, notably including Richard Serra. To see Corten steel in action, check out Serra’s piece “Wake” at the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Why Corten Steel Planters?

As well as their durability and cool, industrial aesthetic, Corten steel planters offer some practical advantages. Because they warm up faster than other planting beds, they can promote early plant growth. And they are a great addition to a patio or other built space, particularly if planting room is limited.

There is also a wide variety of customizable options available. We can configure their size and shape to match your yard. If you don’t like the boxy look, curved planters are available in various shapes. We’ve even installed planters that incorporate a bench into them or serve as a retaining wall.

Are Corten Steel Planters right for you?

There are some things to keep in mind with Corten steel. The biggest is that it can take some time for the protective seal to form. While the seal is forming, rusty runoff can stain surrounding concrete surfaces. It’s also important to ensure that there’s adequate drainage around Corten steel.

Finally, Corten steel can be a more expensive option for planter boxes than other materials. Durability requires an investment.

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