Warm Summer Nights

It’s a warm summer night, you fire up the barbeque in your backyard to grill some (vegan) burgers. The kids play nearby in the yard and then you all gather on your sheltered deck to enjoy dinner and the last of the sunlight.

This idyllic image isn’t constrained to suburbia, you can make it a reality inside the city of Seattle — as we did for two of our clients living in a classic bungalow on Phinney Ridge.

Katie and Zach came to us wanting to upgrade their backyard. One of our designers worked with them to turn their limited space into somewhere multiple uses could co-exist alongside each other.

Built to accommodate the clients’ lifestyle, the final result included a raised bed for gardening, a barbeque shaded by an overhanging arbor, a unique kids play area, and, finally, a deck screened in to create some privacy. Under-deck storage and a new gate to open the yard up to the front help keep the space from feeling crowded.

This project was a true collaboration with the clients. We overcame space limits to build a multifunctional backyard tailored to their lifestyle that they will be able to use for years to come.

Want to find out what kind of multifunctional space you can turn your backyard into to get the most out of it? Give us a call at 206-551-9872 to see what ideas await!