Front-yard space in Magnolia

Here at Pacifica Landscapes we’re all about creating outdoor spaces you can use. So when Elli, one of our Magnolia clients, came to us about creating a space in her front yard she could enjoy with her family and neighbors, we knew just what to do.

One of our designers worked with Elli to plan a full renovation of the front yard of her home near Elliot Bay. As well as new planting and lighting, we added a flagstone patio with a firepit for everyone to gather around on those cool Seattle nights. The final piece of the puzzle was custom-built mahogany benches that curved around the fireplace and created a natural gathering place for family and friends.

Elli loved the simple yet elegant design of the benches — and more importantly, so did her kids.

“Designing this project was really fun,” said our designer. “I enjoy creating spaces that help bring the family together and enjoy the outdoors.”

The design process took less than two weeks to complete and we were able to incorporate some complexity into the space, while still keeping it simple enough to stay within the bounds of the site and the midcentury design of the house.

Want to find out how you can transform your yard into a center of family bonding or expand the possibilities of an existing space with a patio or firepit? Give us a call at 206-551-9872 to see what ideas await!