Gardening in Small Spaces



Space can be extremely valuable in an urban environment.  We often do not have room for all the delightful features we want in a city lot, but with a little ingenuity and careful planning, you can expand landscaping possibilities for both vegetable gardening space and aesthetic landscaping. Here’s a few factors you might consider:


Resist the urge to pack in as many elements as you can. This can make a small space feel even smaller! To avoid creating a cramped feel, remember the importance of negative space. Leaving some area for plain lawn or patio can make it feel much more welcoming. Keep in mind the mantra, ‘simplify and tidy.’ In addition, signifying a division of space with terrain change gives the illusion of a larger landscape.


Built-in seating can help your hosting ability when space is at a prime. Not sure how seat walls work? We have plenty of modern examples.  Shoot us an email at or give us a call at 206-551-9872 to explore this idea further.

Vertical Space

Utilizing vertical space is key! Understand plants’ growth habits and mature sizes for their spot. For example, planting tall and narrow species on the Northern side of your space will prevent shading out the little guys.

Some plants can be coaxed into growing a more favorable way.  Sprawlers such as tomatoes, cucumbers and other climbing vines are willing to grow upward if coaxed and supported using a trellis. Vertical growth is your best friend for maximizing every square foot of soil.

Variety Selection

Selecting the right variety of plant can play a larger part than you think. If you’re dead set on using a certain species for example, be sure to do your research and find out if there are other better suited varieties for your space. While there are often compact or dwarf varieties of species, don’t force a plant into a small spot if you’ll just be fighting it for space.  A good rule of thumb is, ‘pick the plant for the spot, not a spot for the plant.’

Additionally, stick with a more monochromatic color palette.  We love our color too, but in a small space too many colors can make a garden feel closer and more confined.  While colors are limited, also keep in mind every plant counts so try to choose species that provide at least two seasons of interest.

Planning ahead of time with a larger composition in mind can be challenging, especially in a small space! We have plenty of experience maximizing garden experiences in small lots. Give us a call at 206-551-9872 to see what possibilities await your space!