Getting Ready For Spring


As we start to approach warmer but rainier months, here are some tips to prep your garden for growth.

Flower Garden Clean-up
Remove and compost any dead annual plants that remain from winter. If you left perennials standing last fall, begin removing winter mulch and prune the plants to the ground once you start to see new growth. Remember to add a new layer of mulch to garden beds or gravel to walkways.

Finish tree pruning and tidying up perennials and grasses. Be careful not to prune spring flowering plants, such as red buds or lilacs, as they have already formed their buds and you will risk cutting off the spring flowers.


Garden Tools
Sharpen and repair garden tools and mowers. We recommend changing the oil and filters in the mower and making sure there is a stabilizer in the fuel. You can beat the spring rush at the mower repair shop by planning ahead!

When spring arrives and freezing temperatures cease, it’s time to turn your irrigation system back on. March is typically a good time to do this in the Pacific Northwest. We can turn on your irrigation system, call us! 206-551-9872

We may still get more snow and not the fluffy kind; snow around here is usually heavy and wet. Try to brush the fallen snow off evergreen plants with a broom – push upwards and shake the branches to clear them of any snow. If too much snow accumulates, branches can break.