New Lawn Care

You’re the proud owner of a brand-new lawn. Congratulations! In the next few weeks with proper maintenance, the installation will be a success and the lawn will serve as a great space for years to come.

Some General Notes

Make sure to stay off the lawn as much as possible during the establishment period. It’s alright if you need to walk on the lawn to move sprinklers but keep non-essential foot traffic to an absolute minimum to avoid damaging the sod.

Make sure to water during the day. Watering at night or late in the evening doesn’t leave enough time for the grass to dry out, leaving the seedlings susceptible to diseases which thrive in moisture.

Another note about watering; be sure to water along pavement surfaces during warmer temperatures as the sod will literally bake next to the hot surface of the pavement in its early period.

The First 10 Days

In this early period, the sod needs a lot of water to get established. Water each day for at least 15 to 20 minutes in each area of the lawn (according to how much water your sprinkler emits).  Watering a second time each day is recommended if the temperatures are over 65º and sunny.

Days 10 to 21

The lawn is starting to get established but still needs plenty of attention in this period. Water every other day for approximately 30 minutes. This longer watering period encourages deeper root growth.

Once the sod is rooted, you may cut the grass as needed. In general, keep the lawn at 2.75” to 3.5” while it’s still establishing itself. If the lawn is too wet to cut (a common northwest occurrence), don’t water for one more day and then trim it.

Three weeks and Onward

At this point the lawn should be well rooted and can take normal wear and tear. You may also begin to cut it as needed. Water the grass approximately twice a week, totaling 1” of water for the week.

At six weeks from installation you may apply a balanced organic turf fertilizer. Apply fertilizer at half the normal rate in shady lawn areas.  We recommend using a rotary spreader instead of a drop spreader. For more information on continued maintenance see our lawn mowing guide.