Evenings By the Outdoor Fire

Summer has drawn to a close here in the Pacific Northwest, but that does not mean we are ready to head indoors!  Living in a temperate region, we often welcome lovely early autumns.  The peace of a crisp evening, a warm beverage, perhaps a s’more or two, and the warm glow of a fire is wonderful way to bring in the new season.

You have options when considering adding a fire feature to your landscape.  There is the simplicity of portable or in-ground fire pits in which you only need to add a few logs to create the perfect glow:

A full gas or wood-burning fireplace to keep the whole family warm:

An outdoor kitchen with a wood fired pizza oven for a fun dinner option:

Or something in between:


Adding fire to your outdoor living space extends the time in which you can enjoy your garden.

Here are a few things to consider:

Portable fire pits are the most space and cost efficient.  They also allow a more versatile use of space, as they can be moved out of the way when needed, e.g. for a large party.  An in-ground fire-pit is a close second, though you can’t move it around!

Gas or wood burning is another decision.  Gas burns cleaner than wood and the ease of flipping a switch for an immediate fire is very alluring.  Built in fire pits and fireplaces require a gas line.  For a large gas fireplace the often need to be run from the meter and thus can raise logistical and price issues.  Weigh this against being able to use your fire during burn bans and knowing you are not contributing to particulate emissions.

Call Pacifica Landscapes and we will help assess the situation at your home.  We will light you up with our ideas and the warmth of our presentation is sure to inspire!