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Pick of the Week: Pumpkins


One of the most well-known winter squashes, pumpkins can be used in a variety of different ways- whether you’re in the kitchen making something sweet or savory, it can also be used for decoration. Pumpkins can be stored in cool dark places for months a time. Plant pumpkins and other winter squashes after the last frost in the spring, when the soil is about 70 degrees or more, and harvest in the fall before the first frost. Make sure when planting pumpkins, plant them near the edges of the garden to keep them from taking over your entire garden.


Pick of the Week: Hosta ‘Undulata’

Hosta ‘Undulata’

Hosta ‘Undulata’ have wavy leaves with a white center and produce lilac flowers in the summer time which attract bees These are a very popular perennial due to their versatility and are easy to grow and maintain. They prefer moderate shade with well-drained soil and will grow to be about 15 inches tall by 30 inches wide. Plant hostas with other perennials in a shady area or mass them as a ground cover.